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ECOFLEX 10 PLUS 25m kela

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Koaksiaalikaapeli 50 ohm

ECOFLEX 10 PLUS 25m kela

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  • ECOFLEX 10 PLUS 25m kela


  • ECOFLEX 10 25m kela
  • 50 ohmin laadukas koaksiaalikaapeli
  • Paksuus 10,2mm
  • Max. taajuus 6000 MHz
  • Häviö 1GHz 14db
  • Max tehonkesto 1850W @ 145MHz

    Ecoflex 10 Plus - ultraflexible and low loss coaxial cable Ecoflex 10 Plus is a flexible, low-loss coaxial cable specifically designed for use up to 8 GHz.
    Advanced manufacturing techniques combined with the use of a low-loss PE-LLC dielectric yields a foaming rate of more than 70%. This results in very low attenuation.
    Ecoflex 10 Plus sets standards among flexible coaxial cables. The high flexibility of Ecoflex 10 Plus is guaranteed by a 7-wire Hybrid inner conductor with aluminium core and welded copper shield.
    Use of proprietary techniques, continuous center conductor calibration and compression as well as the application of a precoating results in low losses and good impedance matching. Further advantages of the cable include the use of double shielding, which is constructed of overlapping copper foil plus an additional tight woven copper braid.
    A screening efficiency of > 90 dB @ 1 GHz is realized. The copper foil has an applied PE coating, which prevents foil cracking due to short radius bends. The black PVC sheath of Ecoflex 10 Plus is UV stabilized.
    In addition to a full compliment of standard connectors, an easy to use solder free N-connector has been specially developed for Ecoflex 10 Plus. The connector installation only takes a few minutes and doesn‘t require any special tools.
    Ecoflex 10 Plus is the right choice when a low loss, highly flexible microwave rated cable is required.